After 35 years of working with and teaching children, bringing up my The Childrens Clubsown children, I totally get where your at. Your goal is to make sure your children are learning while having fun.

My strong passion and commitment to teaching made me realise I could teach hundreds more children at the same time rather than just the 25 I had in my class at a time.

So I launched my activities for children series. These have become so popular that I am now extending the activities to include many other subjects.

I have activities that will get the creative juices of your children flowing towards things that matter to both you, your children and the world.

The Childrens Club, fun, childrens educational activitiesEducation is a passion with me, just like teaching, so I have put together activities that not only your children will enjoy but you will enjoy doing with them.

If your interested I also put together special activities for children, that are customised for your child. So if you have a child who is interested in planes, I can put together monthly activities around aeroplanes, or trains, or cars, just contact me to have a talk about your requirements.

Maybe you have a child who is a slow developer and need special activities.

Maybe your home schooling your children and need material every month and other fun things for kids.

Before you go, I want to invite you to call or email me to discuss further what I can do for you. Or you can join my email list for free and get upto date information about my latest Activities for Children information, the live activity workshops for children run on a regular basis all around the country.

Also check out some of our other activities.

Thanks for being here, I genuinely appreciate it.

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Bespoke Childrens Activities

We also like to create bespoke learning activities and lessons for your children based on their interests and learning abilities, so please contact us to discuss your child's needs.